Courthouse and Gaol (former)

addressMeadow Street (cnr. Swan St.), Guildford
lotLots 231 &232
designerHenry Trigg; Richard R. Jewell
builderJohn Welbourne; Convict labour
construction1841, 1866, 1867
functionlaw enforcement
summaryThe buildings are fine examples of colonial architecture and form an important part of the streetscape of Meadow Street. They are aesthetically linked within the civic precinct, which dates from the early colonial period, and are integral to the early settlement and development of Guildford.

The assessment includes the former gaol and the former courthouse. The gaol was constructed in 1840 at a cost of £80. The building contained two cells and a constable's room. In 1866 an additional room and four cells were added to the original structure. These additions were designed by the Colonial Clerk of Works, Richard R. Jewell. At the same time that extensions were made to the gaol, Jewell designed a new courthouse to replace the one constructed in 1841.

The gaol is built on the footings of the original exercise yard wall. It is surrounded by lawn and is sited adjacent to the former courthouse. The building is 20 metres long and 4 metres wide.

The courthouse has a central courtroom with a police, store and prisoner's room located at the southern end of the building. At the northern end is a reception room, lobby and magistrate's room.

This building is a component of the Meadow Street Conservation Area.